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Large black hand down to catch its goal is not all, was actually the bronze ancient coffin! Suddenly, like an owl cry sounds like a sneer, in the bronze giant coffin outside the unexpected appearance of a nearly two meters tall silhouette, everyone was shocked, relics of various gods flow out of the God-hui is the impact here away. Although there is no approximation to the eyes, but this matchless demon ancestors momentum, still not mortals can afford, a lot of people on the altar of colored soft almost down tnordstrom longchamps o the ground, even the gods hold relic in hand, could not resist. This shadows Yaoqi sky, surrounded by billowing black fog, can not see faces, but everyone can sense, it must be just a crocodile ancestors! When bang bang, bronze lid is closed, nine huge bronze dragon corpse coffin pulled slowly into the sky, breaking the crocodile Zubu Bloody under seal, not into the Stargate. And this time, the ancient bronze longchamp outlet chicago lamp, seemed to have such a large bronze plaque Leiyin Si Ling in general, their most blazing out of a SG, Yao people could not open his eyes, sweeping the crocodile ancestors. distant, crocodile ancestors uttered a roar, see no abnormal reaction of copper coffin, it monstrous arrogance, puff, slowly approaching over. Dark, crocodile ancestors Mouguang more and more cold, and bloody red hanging like giant eye. Crocodile ancestors longchamp wine glasses surprised, to avoid a few pieces of bronze lamps and other ancient relics of the gods, it sky, quickly zoom in his right hand, shrouded world, toward nine large dragon corpse beside arrested. Light shine, everyone waved gods relics around withstand cold-blooded killer, you want to impulse to open a way out, even though the weak nature of female students are also long forgotten crying, could not help but at the moment they do not desperately. They are not bad,longchamp mini tote but it is matchless big demon extraordinary sense of momentum for the ordinary people of light can be fatal Yaoqi monstrous, can Zhensi mortal. At this point, the sky came Juzhen, everyone was shocked, quickly rushed back to the copper coffin. Heard a dull boom vibrations, Tai Chi Bagua map, such as portals generally completely wide open, revealing a mysterious and huge channel, do not know where to even, inside the dark one. altar upload crisp sound, the Buddha relic rosary, a large bronsmall longchamp le pliage ze plaque Leiyin Si, alms bowl, and all fall down, bleak, and even ancient bronze lights are extinguished. Fan Ye first one to stand up, then propped Pombo. If it is not ancient bronze metal coffins uttered strange vibrato, I am afraid the presence of people have good and bad unpredictable.

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