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Shrouded in dark colored curtains on the altar to near light, only little faint glow in the sky circulation Taiji Bagua map, to see this scene everybody knows why. Fan Ye told Pombo, but he is no longer a passive defense, holding ancient lamp strode. But was clinging tightly around the three, it was three bloodless faces, they are not gods relic, if there is no large sound Temple bronze plaque of the sanctuary, they die. God put you a fart, everyone is equal, I Buddha of compassion, the Buddha said that a goolongchamp darshan d or bad ...... Jiaochou smell suddenly came out, shrill screams one after another, when the flame slowly retreat, Fan Ye spotless, filled with a bright road of glory, like Immortal Tayue from, and around him, but is a ground scales, dozens of crocodile god almost all burned to death. Some people have raised more daring hypothesis, Tai Chi Bagua map and space related to the eight trigrams Bagua map symbols are the longchamp outlet california coordinates of the stars, the different permutations and combinations represent different star field. It was based on evidence and the calculated total orbital velocity of stars, and even hit a binary computer also therewith, we can say very mysterious. Zijin alms bowl to keep bang Belts split smashing, sweeping out a large Buddha, crushed endless scales, ground leaving a large dead, appalling, many have turned it into a slongchamp deal mall alligator meat, blood, mud blurred. Almost in an instant, everyone feels the soul to leave the body away, everyone almost soft down on the altar. Little bit of blood on the altar into carnage, breaking the screens toward the sky journeyman, brought together unto the already unstable Taiji Bagua map, so that the door is about to collapse again, flashing a starry sky brilliance. There are three Buddha engraved above, then all were into light, emerged out shrouded in flongchamp planetes large oreigners Cade side, swept around the crocodile god. However, this complex is unimaginable, which involves a singular matrix, and this has not yet been acknowledged so-called matrix, but also are in a reasoned and assumptions phase. Die, then so passive defense continues, sooner or later we will die here. This seemingly small, but extremely ferocious species is very terrible, you can fly or, each one is like a crocodile god sword, strong penetrating power. Tai Chi Bagua map thlongchamp umbrella e sky has become increasingly clear and bright, such as metal casting from refining, constantly shining brilliance, gossip flickering eight symbols, in accordance with the order of complex transform countless times, about all the lights, open sky ancient road . The power of King Bao pestle seen!

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