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Bang has dozens of small crocodile drilling screens, the crowd began to attack. The foreigner in this very tense moment, the Chinese suddenly said Shunliu up Wawataijiao incessantly. This seemingly small, but extremely ferocious species is very terrible, you can fly or, each one is like a crocodile god sword, strong penetrating power. In its surroundings, spatial distortion, light, misty, with dry, Kun, Sunda, against, Burgundy, earthquake, from, Hom gossip corresponding symbol has shined like a group of mysterious and ancient passlongchamps on sale word shine. Several luckily escaped the hideous creatures are almost char, rather, covered with burns, the body is no longer complete, staring in the distance vicious Fan Ye, producing a low cry, people chill blowing. Big sound Temple ruins kilometers away, where although not quiet down, but the sense of smell has been overwhelming tragic Gudang over, and that on the lantern-like giant blood-red eye is not instantaneous gaze moment herelongchamp sale online , in the dark the extra man, people nervous. Eight Diagrams throughout the Chinese ancient history, originated very early, in the end is how to create, and what is the purpose, is still a fascinating mystery. Fan Ye call static and several ten God crocodile close behind, only to violently toward the ancient lamp wick away, and suddenly there is a strong light filled the sky in his monstrous flames of five or six meters, which was completely submerged SureFlongchamps glassware ire. Pombo shouting, a large bronze plaque constantly Leiyin Si vibration, Huaguang ten thousand, forming a curtain, which protect the back of three or four people, although you can temporarily maintain peace, but for a long time is difficult to predict who will go on what. Seemingly soft, like a wave, but when those who rushed to touch the crocodile god, they like to become a butcher's knife, every golden ripples can cut a crocodile god. But was clinging tightly around the three, imedium longchamp bag t was three bloodless faces, they are not gods relic, if there is no large sound Temple bronze plaque of the sanctuary, they die. Kill, killing us better, this is a matchless big crocodile god demon offspring, from the essence of God flowing blood in vivo, cohesion some supernatural power, through the altar Taiji Bagua map can be transformed into a mysterious energy required. Obviously, people are all found in this situation, suddenly revealing exciting color. Shrouded in dark colored curtains on the altar longchamp boxford luggage to near light, only little faint glow in the sky circulation Taiji Bagua map, to see this scene everybody knows why. Do not you move, I go out first try. Tai Chi Bagua map in the sky has been formed, with a metal retrogradation and texture, such as one hundred alchemical fine cast.

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